Earth day is Tomorrow!

Earth day is tomorrow. Earth day  is a reminder to honor our
planet. To treat planet earth with love, respect and kindness. I do a lot of
talking about being kind to others but this day is dedicated to taking care of
our environment.. Make a difference on this day and help make this world  a
better  place for both humans and animals.

Here are a few ways to make a difference
1. Make is a community clean up day- this is a great way to have the whole
family spend quality time together while helping the planet. A great way to
teach the kids about their environment. It's a simple activity just go out into
your local community and clean it up.

2. Create a compost with all your food scraps. This could be done at home or in
school. You can have all the kids take their lunch scraps and start a compost in
the school yard. It's an educational way to save the planet.
3. The everyday things we should do but forget such as recycle, shut off the
lights and leaky faucets. Us energy saving bulbs, don't drive if you can walk.

4. Grow your own veggies and/or go to your local farmers market where you can
support your local farmers also. It's a win- win

5. The oldie but goodie plant a trees wither as a family activity or suggest it
to your child's school or do both!

6. Make it a day of education- teach your kids all about planet earth and
treating it kindly. Keep it simple but give them different ways they can make a
difference like helping their parents gardening, turning off their lights in
their bedroom, taking shorter showers, recycle, etc. Make it fun!

7. Make it a day to donate or reuse. Use cloth napkins or diapers, take clothes
you don't wear anymore and bring it to the Salvation Army or good will, etc

The most important tip I can give is to make Earth day an every day event. We
can make a difference


About Finding your happiness

Diane Lang is a Therapist, educator, author and life coach. Diane has two books: Baby steps the path from motherhood to Career and Creating balance & finding happiness. Diane works as a Therapist and also is an adjunct at Montclair State University. This blog will help educate and empower you to live your best life! For more information please visit her website:
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