Happiness habits

Happiness Habits


Whether your feeling happy right now or not, we can always be happier and more resilient. There are some simple habits we can create in our life to feel happier pretty quickly. One of the best ways to do this is to create happiness habits and make it a daily routine. Below will be a variety of different habits that you can use daily to feel happy and to be more resilient so when the stressful times come (which they will) you will have built a strong foundation that will allow you to move through these times quicker and smoother.

  1. Every day do a gratitude check – write or say 3-5 things you are grateful for. Each day try to say something different. I remember for me this was very tough the first week. I was very sick and feeling a lack of control in my life and I had to find things I was grateful for. It seemed impossible. My first day my gratitude check included: I woke up and I’m alive. I remember this day very clearly but within a week or two my list was growing along with my happiness.
  2. Every day write or say 3-5 things you like about yourself – most women tell me this is the toughest part. They can give me a list of ten things they don’t like about themselves but to say nice things to our self seems awkward and uncomfortable. So, start with 1 or 2 things if that’s all you got but keep at it. It will grow, I promise.
  3. At the end of the day write or say 3-5 things that were positive in your day. It could be as simple as the weather, there is no judgment. Make sure to say different things each day if you can.
  4. Random act of kindness- each day do something nice for someone else without any expectation. Your little act of kindness such as a smile, a compliment could be what makes someone else’s day. Every time you do a random act of kindness you get a boost of happiness and so does the person you helped. It also boosts your self-esteem.
  5. Meditation – is the only natural way to de-stress without side effects. Meditation comes in many forms – guided meditation (there are so many options found on youtube.com), deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, walking, yoga, sitting in nature, etc. We only need a few minutes a day.
  6. Are your basic needs met- we can’t feel happy and full of energy if our basic needs aren’t met. So for one week, keep a journal/track of what are your eating and when? How much sleep did I get? How much water did I drink? ( not coffee, tea or soda) and did I exercise today? After a week of keeping an honest journal of your basic needs, you can usually see why you feel low energy, fatigued and blah.

*Habits 1-3 will also help you re-train your brain for positive. It helps you to focus on what’s good in life instead of what’s bad.

You don’t need to do all the habits. Pick 2 or 3 habits to start and add them into your daily routine. Create your own habits. Some other habits clients of mine really enjoy are positive affirmations, prayer, setting intentions and journal writing. To get the results you want, you need to be consistent for at least a month. Most of my clients start seeing results within 3-4 weeks.

* Email me and let me know your happiness habits so I can share them!

for more information please visit Diane’s website: www.dlcounseling.com

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About Finding your happiness

Diane Lang, practicing therapist, national speaker, educator, and certified positive psychology coach, has her master’s degree in counseling and is an adjunct in psychology at Montclair State University. She has written three books, and has been featured in various publications, and on TV and Internet shows. Diane speaks on various mental and emotional health topics including Happiness, Resiliency, Stress management, Parenting Positive Aging, Anxiety, and Depression in both teens and adults. Diane also specializes in Positive Psychology Positive Education and Positive Parenting. Thousands of individuals have benefited from Diane’s motivational and educational speaking, trainings, and coaching. Her Hands-on approach along with her background, education and experience has proven to be beneficial to all who attend her presentation. To learn more on how you could bring Diane to your organization please email dlcounselingmedia@gmail.com
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