What I have learned

What I have learned……..


1. Vulnerability is a sign of strength not a weakness. We need to be vulnerable to be open to new possibilities, take risks and have true loving relationships. We can’t be our authentic self without vulnerability. If we aren’t our authentic self, we cant truly be happy.


2.Yes, it is true, we can retrain our brain – you are not stuck with your old habits/patterns that no longer serve you. If you make the commitment and put the work into it, you can break old habits and form new ones.


3. We can’t change without the willingness to change, without the commitment to make the changes and the desire to change. If we have all 3 we are ready to go!


4. Happiness is found in the present. When we enjoy the moment we are in, we don’t worry about the future or live in the past. This doesn’t mean to forget your past. Instead, learn from your past. Ask yourself: What lessons can I take away from the past experience? What changes can I make?

How did this make me stronger? Better person?


5. Feel your emotions don’t push them aside. We need to feel our emotions including anger. If we don’t feel and embrace our emotions, we internalize them and this can cause illness.


6. We can be happier if we spent a small time each day doing happiness habits such as: gratitude, meditation, positive affirmations, random acts of kindness, setting intentions, etc.


7. Self-care – it doesn’t matter what your role is in life without self care we can’t do it well.

Without the basics like getting 8 hours of sleep, drinking plenty of water, eating clean and exercise

we can’t feel balanced, healthy and happy.


8. Slow down and unplug – multi-tasking is not always the best skill to have. Be mindful of what your doing while doing it.


9. Active listening – avoid disagreements by being an active listener. The simple things like eye contact, nodding in agreement shows the other person you care.


10.The only way to naturally de-stress with no side effects is meditation. You can meditate through deep breathing, nature, walking, yoga, mantra’s, etc. If you meditate daily you will find a sense of peace that can only be found in silence.  


11. Pet therapy is the best form of therapy – you don’t have to own a pet to get the benefits, volunteer with the pet of your choice. The rewards are huge!!


About Finding your happiness

Diane Lang is a Therapist, educator, author and life coach. Diane has two books: Baby steps the path from motherhood to Career and Creating balance & finding happiness. Diane works as a Therapist and also is an adjunct at Montclair State University. This blog will help educate and empower you to live your best life! For more information please visit her website: www.dlcounseling.com
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