The truth behing positive affirmation

The Truth Behind Positive Affirmations:

By: Diane Lang

According to Carnegie Melon University: “Affirmations can protect us against the damaging affects of stress on problem solving performance. It can also boost our problem solving abilities.”
I have used positive affirmations in the past and currently use them today. I always get asked do positive affirmations/self affirmations work? The answer would be yes BUT it also needs to include these actions first:

1. First you must be aware of your negativity. To become aware of your negativity, you can write down in a journal your negative thoughts that you keep repeating all day or you can do the snap to awareness technique where you wear a rubber band all day and snap it every time you have a negative thought or comment.(warning, could cause red wrists).

2. For us to make changes, we need to be aware of what we are feeling. Once your aware then spend some time feeling your emotions. Don’t push them aside or internalize them that will just cause a delay. These emotions will eventually rear their ugly head or come out physically through pain or illness.

After you become aware and feel the emotions you can create the affirmations. Here are some benefits of positive self affirmations:

1. Positive self affirmations can shift a negative thought into a positive one.

2. Starting your day with positive self talk can create more energy and hope in your day.

3. The constant repetition of an affirmation gives us hope and motivation to take action.

4. Its a reminder of the big picture. Its reminds you of your goals and changes you want to make.

5. It gives you clear intentions.

Creating your positive self affirmations:

1. Look at the big/end picture- what do I want my life to look like?
Examples: I want more peace, to be healthier and happier, better relationships, more money, more career opportunities, etc.
Write down your vision.

2. From the vision write down positive self affirmations/statements that reflect the life you want. Write a few statements down as if they are already true.
Examples: I’ am feeling healthier everyday. Every day I feel healthier. I’ am healthy and whole. I am so grateful for my financial abundance.

3. Make sure your affirmations/statements are positive and simple.They are called positive affirmations for a reason. When the statements are simple, they are easier to remember and repeat all day.

4. Make the statements/affirmations realistic. If they are unrealistic you wont believe them and it will be you just repeating a daily lie to yourself. If they aren’t realistic, you can feel worse in the long run. Make the positive statements realistic, positive, simple and motivating.

5. Repetition is key. You need to repeat them daily. I write mine out while repeating them out loud every morning. It has become part of my happiness habit morning routine.

What positive self affirmations can you create today?

Diane Lang – Positive Living Expert, life coach and psychotherapist – is a nationally recognized speaker, author, educator, therapist and media expert. Lang is extremely mediagenic and offers expertise on a variety of health and wellness topics about creating balance and finding happiness through positive living as well as multiple mental health, lifestyle and parenting needs. In addition to holding multiple counseling positions, Diane is also an adjunct at Montclair State University.

Lang has been interviewed for numerous magazine and newspaper articles and has been a frequent guest on radio and TV shows including “Fox & Friends” on the Fox News Network. Lang a regular featured expert on the “Expat Show” broadcasted weekly on the New York ABC affiliate WTBQ-AM, and a Blogger.

Lang speaks to employees of large companies to help reduce stress in the workplace and speaks to parents about how to create balance and find happiness along with a variety of other health and wellness topics. For rates or to book Diane Lang contact

Diane is also the author of two books: “Baby Steps: The Path from Motherhood to Career” and “Creating Balance and Finding Happiness.

About Finding your happiness

Diane Lang, practicing therapist, national speaker, educator, and certified positive psychology coach, has her master’s degree in counseling and is an adjunct in psychology at Montclair State University. She has written three books, and has been featured in various publications, and on TV and Internet shows. Diane speaks on various mental and emotional health topics including Happiness, Resiliency, Stress management, Parenting Positive Aging, Anxiety, and Depression in both teens and adults. Diane also specializes in Positive Psychology Positive Education and Positive Parenting. Thousands of individuals have benefited from Diane’s motivational and educational speaking, trainings, and coaching. Her Hands-on approach along with her background, education and experience has proven to be beneficial to all who attend her presentation. To learn more on how you could bring Diane to your organization please email
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