A New Challenge

A New Challenge:
By: Diane Lang
A challenge a day brings new opportunities/possibilities!

Let’s start each day with the questions: What daily risk can I take today? How can I challenge myself today and step outside of my comfort zone?

Most of us stay stuck in our comfort zone. We put a box around ourselves and in this box we feel safe and protected. We can be prepared for what comes our way. We feel if we don’t make any changes we wont rock the boat, if we don’t rock the boat we can remain content. But does contentment bring happiness and success? For most, it doesn’t. Contentment creates comfort and a sense of false security because the one thing we cant ever do is stop change. Even if we remain the same, everything around us will change. Change is the one constant in the world. There will always be circumstances that are outside of our control such as natural disasters, the economy, terrorist attacks, accidents, loss etc. 10% of our lives are based on circumstances so things will change for you no matter how hard you try to avoid change.

Everyday I want you to do one thing that challenges you. One thing that causes a stir in your stomach whether its nerve or excitement or both. When we take a risk, we grow. We need to constantly grow and develop or we become stale, stuck and stagnate. Stagnation can lead to depression.

Taking risks opens up a whole new world because we are doing things we have never done before and were pushed aside due to fear. When we take risks, we are no longer controlled by fear. Taking risks puts you in the driver’s seat and tells fear to take a hike. When fear is in control, we stay in our comfort zone but that means we aren’t available for all those new opportunities and possibilities that are waiting for us.
Stepping outside your comfort zone brings clarity and new visions. What seemed impossible now seems possible, it brings hope.

Some simple challenges to start this week:
Try a new food or drink.
Try a new restaurant.
Say hi or smile at strangers, start a conversation with a stranger or go crazy give the stranger a compliment!
Wear a bright color or a new trend that makes you feel uncomfortable.
Try wearing a new perfume or lipstick.
Ask a question or state your opinion even if you feel uncomfortable.
Be honest, even when you’re scared.
Take a new route to work.
Be vulnerable and open to someone you care about.
Take yourself on a date – go to dinner or movies alone.
Try a new type of exercise.

Add to this list on a daily basis!

For more information please visit my website: http://www.dlcounseling.com


About Finding your happiness

Diane Lang is a Therapist, educator, author and life coach. Diane has two books: Baby steps the path from motherhood to Career and Creating balance & finding happiness. Diane works as a Therapist and also is an adjunct at Montclair State University. This blog will help educate and empower you to live your best life! For more information please visit her website: www.dlcounseling.com
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