Grateful for my dog!

I realize when I feel bad about myself I’m not in gratitude. Even though I say my gratitude checks every morning, it doesn’t mean that I’m really truly being in a gratitude state. Sometimes my gratitude checks just become part of my routine and I don’t put in as much attention and love as needed.

I realized today as I sat with my dog that I owe my dog and all my other dogs that have been in my life so much gratitude. I don’t think my dog knows how much happiness he brings to me, how much love he brings to my family. My dog is the connection between my family. Even if we don’t have anything else in common, we always have him. Even if we don’t feel happy with eachother, we can all feel happiness towards our dog. Our dog is the common thread of love that runs through our family and every person who enters our house. Each person who enters the house smiles no matter what kind of day they had due to the happiness my dog brings them. It’s so simple, all he does is run up to you with his tail wagging and a smile on his face. The excitement he shows, the love that just exudes from him is enough to bring the sun on a rainy day.

My gratitude today is for my dog, Alex. If you don’t have a pet, then you should reconsider that choice. A pet is not just a pet. It’s pure love and happiness that everyone should feel everyday.


About Finding your happiness

Diane Lang is a Therapist, educator, author and life coach. Diane has two books: Baby steps the path from motherhood to Career and Creating balance & finding happiness. Diane works as a Therapist and also is an adjunct at Montclair State University. This blog will help educate and empower you to live your best life! For more information please visit her website:
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