The Gray Area

The Grey Area
By: Diane Lang

For awhile now, I feel like a part of me is dying.
It’s been quite confusing.
I have had feelings I don’t normally have.
I feel like I’m being torn in two different directions.
However, I don’t feel overwhelmed. Instead, I feel a strange kind of peace.
I feel like I’m walking a line between my old self and the person I’m becoming
It’s the grey area of a transition that is the hardest and the part we don’t talk about.
When leaving parts of your old self behind, you grieve
Grieving can cause so many emotions such as denial, shock, anger, sadness, confusion and even depression.
It’s normal to feel these feelings actually it’s important you spend time feeling it.
Keep feeling till you get to the other side.
The other side where anger gets replaced with peace
Where confusion gets replaced with focus and goal planning.
Where fear gets replaced with action.
Where sadness gets replaced with hope.
When we get to the other side and the sun starts to shine, you will feel like a part of you has died. but that’s ok.
That’s the part of you that no longer serves you.
It’s the old beliefs that don’t work anymore.
It’s the old part of you that you needed to help you grow and expand.
Welcome the next chapter with all of its possibilities and opportunities.
Embrace the new identity with love and kindness .
It’s time to begin again.

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About Finding your happiness

Diane Lang is a Therapist, educator, author and life coach. Diane has two books: Baby steps the path from motherhood to Career and Creating balance & finding happiness. Diane works as a Therapist and also is an adjunct at Montclair State University. This blog will help educate and empower you to live your best life! For more information please visit her website:
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